About CPAP

History of CPAP

The Crop Protection Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CPAP) was created in response to the technological innovations in the crop protection industry, plant science industry and crop science industry.

Founded in 1967 and originally named as the Agricultural Pesticide Institute of the Philippines, Inc. (APIP) the Association took a major role in the drafting of the law which created the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) in May 1977 under Presidential Decree No. 1144.

The APIP actively participated in the improvement of farming practices and in the adaptation of the concept and principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the 1970s and 1980s.
Being committed to IPM led to the renaming of the APIP to Crop Protection Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CPAP) in 1994 and in the year 2002 adopted the name Croplife Philippines, Inc.

In the year 2003, nine (9) members of the association identifying itself with the original objectives and values of CPAP decided to reassemble under the original flag of CPAP.

To date five (5) new members joined the association.


Original Members:

1. Agchem Manufacturing Corporation
2. Agway Chemicals
2. Arysta Lifescience Philippines, Inc.
3. AVC Chemical Corporation
4. Biostadt Philippines, Inc.
5. LEADS Agricultural Products Corporation
6. Kemistar Corporation
7. Maktheshim-Agan Eisenberg & Co.
8. Trans World Trading Co., Inc.
9. Zagro Corporation

January 2007

10. Jocanima Corporation
11. PhilAgrow, Incorporated

January 2008

12. CyBERTH Philippines, Inc.
13. Texicon Agventures Corporation

September 2009

14. Summit Agro International Ltd.


To provide quality crop potection chemicals mindful of the end user’s safety and the environment.


We will be the one among the leading crop protection chemical association in the Philippines committed to provide quality affordable products and allied agricultural education.


Election of new Board of Directors & Officers 2010, December 9 4:00pm