Product Stewardship Program

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Pesticide Information Campaign

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Aerial Spraying Seminar at Stanfilco, Panabo, Davao del Norte

Some facts given during the Aerial Spraying Meeting in Stanfilco's Dapco Hangar, Farm4, Panabo, Davao del Norte.

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Agromedical Training

CPAP conducted a series of “refresher course” designed for medical practitioners and first aid responders as part of its product stewardship campaign. The Agromed training is primarily about proper management of pesticide exposure cases. Resource speakers on toxicology and medicine talk about the chemical nature of pesticides and their toxicological profile. The participants received updated information on various signs and symptoms caused by pesticide exposure and the corresponding treatment. CPAP has conducted training in the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Benguet, Pangasinan, and Davao with total participants reaching more or less 400 persons. CPAP plans to continue such efforts in other key areas.

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Information Education Campaign (IECs)

CPAP has conducted several IEC’s (Information education campaign) regarding proper handling, judicious use and proper disposal of crop protection chemicals. IEC’s for high school students was conducted in the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Zambales and Benguet.

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Dialogue with the FPA

The regular dialogue with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) aim to coordinate the concerns of the members as well as the whole industry on local regulatory policies, international regulatory updates affecting the country, product stewardhip and other important matters.

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Farmers Meeting

The main objective of the farmers meeting is to promote the good agricultural pratices in all aspect including cultural management and integrated pest management.

Individual company members are committed to inform the end users of crop protection products the newest technology on product formulation, the safe and proper use of those products and the latest technology in crop protection.

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