LEADS Agricultural Products Corporation

Since its incorporation in February 11, 1997, LEADS has incessantly pursued its corporate thrust of "Understanding the needs of the Filipino farmers... better." It has pioneered strategies aimed at re-inventing its marketing strategies to become better responsive to the needs of its clients. Now, as LEADS embark on its 15th year of existence, the entire LEADS family promises to provide a renewed, re-invigorated and resilient strategic direction with the unfolding of its new corporate thrusts, "better yields, better lives."

From here on, LEADS Agricultural Products Corporation and its subsidiary companies, LEADS Environment Health Products Corp., shall move together towards the achievement of its corporate vision. It is our hope, that the legacy started by our Corporate President and Chair of the Board, Mr. Fernando B. Malveda in 1997, shall transcend the challenges of the changing environment.

In the next five years, LEADS shall launch breakthrough formulations and innovative agricultural, environmental, household and pharmaceutical products which are still of high quality and affordable prices. It is the company's commitment to continuously create opportunities to make all its employees, and business partners truly, "Proud to be Filipino."



  • Alakdan (Chlorpyrifos + BPMC)
  • Aztron WDG (B. thuringiensis)
  • BlackHawk 40SL (Acephate)
  • Cartap ES (Cartap HCl)
  • Chaku 2.5 EC (Lambdacyhalothrin)
  • Diazol 40,60 EC (Diazinon)
  • Furadan Ultra 3G (Carbofuran) Furadan Ultra 3 G (Carbofuran)
  • Furadan Ultra 5G (Carbofuran)
  • Hunter 10G (Terbufos)
  • Leadmark 3EC (Fenvalerate)
  • Malathion 57EC (Malathion)
  • Marshal 200SC (Carbosulfan)
  • Marshal 25ST (Carbosulfan)
  • Pleo 10EC (Pyridalyl) Pleo 1 0 EC (Pyridalyl)
  • Rimon 10EC (Novaluron)
  • Starbunch 0.1% (Bifenthrin)
  • Starkle 20SG (Dinotefuran)
  • Talstar 8SC (Bifenthrin)


  • Nu?lm P (di-1-p-menthene)
  • SK Enspray N (paraffinic oil)
  • Leadds EXIT (canola oil)


  • Armor 70WP (Thiophanate methyl)
  • Bumper 25EC (Propiconazole)
  • Civil 75WP (Chlorothalonil)
  • Engage 60OL (Tridemorph)
  • Fantic M (Benalaxyl- M + Mancozeb)
  • GranMan 75DF (Mancozeb)
  • Leadonil 500SC (Chlorothalonil)
  • Manager 80WP (Mancozeb)
  • Odeon 720SC (Chlorothalonil)
  • Orius 430SC (Tebuconazole)

Growth Regulators

  • Golden Mango Set (Na2NO3 + KO3)
  • Leadthrel 480SL (Ethephon)

Specialty Fertilizers

  • Mega Booster (10-20-30)
  • Mega F-21 (21-21-21)
  • NAFF
  • NAGE


  • 2,4-D Amine
  • 2,4-D Ester
  • Advice (Butachlor + Propanil)
  • Afalon 50WP (Linuron)
  • Agil 100EC (Propaquizafop)
  • Ametrex 80WP (Ametryne)
  • Atrakorn 80WP (Atrazine)
  • Atramet 80WP (Atrazine+ Ametryne)
  • Blade 60EC (Butachlor)
  • Diuron 80WP (Diuron)
  • Mower 480SL (Glyphosate)


  • Niclos M (Niclosamide)
  • Stop (Metaldehyde)
  • Sure 25EC (Niclosamide)


  • Zinc Phosphide


Unit 1208 Paragon Plaza, EDSA corner Reliance Street
Mandaluyong City, 1550, Philippines
Tel. No. + 63 2 687-9010
Fax No. + 63 2 687-0461


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