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A new management structure for agriculture

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By many metrics, Philippine agriculture trails its ASEAN peers by a mile. The peers are Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

What metrics? Current levels of farm productivity, long-term productivity growth, crop diversification and agri-food exports. These resulted in the highest level of rural poverty at 30% in 2015 as compared to less than half in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Malaysia had 1.6% rural poverty!

Every ASEAN country has dominant crops. Rice is common among all. Tree-crops and aquaculture are the others. The commanding difference in farm productivity is not in rice but in tree-crops and aquaculture development. For instance, the average Philippine irrigated rice yield is about 4.3 tons per hectare (ha) versus nearly six tons per ha. for Vietnam, a difference of 30 percent. By contrast, the average yield for rubber is almost three-times and five times for coffee.

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