With a focus on safety and promoting proper usage of pesticides, appropriate disposal of containers and good warehousing practices, the Crop Protection Association of the Philippines (CPAP) was created in response to technical innovations in the crop science, crop protection and plant science industries. Working hand-in-hand with the government to draft regulation policies and protect farmers in the Philippines, CPAP wants to make Filipino farmers competitive within the region amidst the ASEAN integration. By helping improve productivity with increased mechanization and being able to lend a hand in stabilizing prices in the market, Filipino farmers can now produce more at a lower cost.

Aside from aiding the Filipino agriculture industry, CPAP also gives back to the community, especially to the Filipino farmer. CPAP operates a scholarship program directly aimed at helping the children of farmers. Each year around wenty scholars who are agriculture majors at university are selected to participate in the program. However, not known for just its scholarship program, CPAP also has a disaster relief operation. In the past, it has given assorted goods and mineral water to those affect in the provinces from typhoons. CPAP is committed to providing agriculture education and quality crop protection chemicals that are human-safe and harm-free to the environment.