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Brazilian researcher develops controlled release bioinsecticide

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A natural insecticide produced based on Amazonian plants may become a new alternative to pest control, reducing the use of chemical pesticides used for the purpose. In addition to promoting pest control, the product, which is under development, will also control mites, fungi and bacteria in fruit plantations such as papaya, pineapple and cupua�u.

The project is being developed by researchers from the Department of Physics of the Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam) and does not intend to harm the environment, farmers and consumers. In this scenario, project coordinator with a postdoctoral in Bionanotechnology Edgar Sanches stated that essential oils extracted from plants and used to make the biopesticide are natural chemicals with very low toxicity.

According to him, due to the volatility of these substances, it is necessary to use nanotechnology techniques in its formulation. “This is where nanotechnology enters, it allows us to encapsulate them, that is, to insert them into a nanoparticle made of biodegradable polymers, to protect them from volatilization,” he explained.


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