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CPAP- Graduate Students

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Of the year 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018


Name Sponsor University Course Work Contact Details
Miguelito Isip CPAP CLSU Crop Protection-Plant Pathology Researcher-CLSU 09351500924
Airene Otanes CPAP CLSU Crop Protection-Plant Pathology Researcher-CLSU 09068240681
Fe Copero CPAP BSU La Trinidad BSA- Entomology DENR-Contractual- Technical Asst. 09463406718 / 09074723001
Shiela A. Juan CPAP BSU La Trinidad BSA- Entomology Sunrise F/S 09461163620
Ceferina Banto CPAP BSU La Trinidad BS-Agriculture OPAG-Contractual-Farm worker 09503201541
Ronald Mabalot, Jr. CPAP BSU La Trinidad BSA-Plant Pathology Trans World 09101170228
Lheman Ayuste Mr. Rondon CLSU BSA-Entomology Syntec 09263297394
Jobelle Bruno CPAP CLSU BSA-Plant Pathology PhilRice-Researcher 09307037938
Anna Marie Irang CPAP CLSU BSA-Plant Pathology 09174844973
Marvin Vicoy CPAP CMU BSA-Crop Protection Unifruitti Phils. 09266037396
Jenalyn Villazurda CPAP CMU BSA-Agricultural Economics unemployed 09361542283
Josie Buletin CPAP VSU BSA- Plant Protection 09293726734
Melvin Cubian CPAP VSU BSA- Plant Protection 09476130301
Ronald Palermo CPAP VSU BSA- Plant Breeding 09369155678
Delbert Wayet CPAP BSU La Trinidad BS in Agriculture
Yver Cayapat Le Firenze BSU Buguias BS Horticulture
Sherwin Gomiho Kemistar BSU Buguias BS Horticulture
Grace Galleto Mega Manila BSU Buguias BS Horticulture
Beso Pakilo Texicon BSU Buguias BS Horticulture
Tenalyn Santiban Tess Gonzalez BSU Buguias BS Horticulture
Adelfa Tay-og PMCPFI/Trans World BSU Buguias BS Horticulture
Raffy Dulay CPAP BSU Buguias BS in Agriculture AVC CC
MaryJoy Silion CPAP CMU BSA- Agricultural Extension 09353399485
Jonabel Batang-e CPAP BSU BS in Agriculture-Agricultural Economics 09504579807/09568513052
Bernadeth Guinyang CPAP BSU BS in Agriculture-Plant Pathology PSA ENDO : July 31, 2018 09125799084/09655516732
ovennemar Anire CyBERTH VSU BS in Agriculture- Plant Breeding 09363903517
Denver De Guzman CPAP CLSU BSA-Animal Science 09757249034/09455339963
Carl Vincent Gapasin CPAP CLSU BSA-Crop Protection 09052436162


CPAP current scholars in different Universities for sy. 2018-2019

University No. of Scholars
BSU La Trinidad, Benguet 2
Central Mindanao University 2
BSU Buguias Campus 6
Visayas State University 4
Total 14


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