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Korean expo showcases latest high-tech farm equipment

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Every two years, something big happens in the city of Cheonan in South Korea. This is KIEMSTA 2018, the Korea International Exhibition for Machinery Equipment, Science and Technology for Agriculture, staged by the Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative (KAMICO) headed by chairman Shin Gil Kim.

The agri machinery fair is one of five major events around the world, and is set in a sprawling tent complex inside Cheonan Samgeori Park, a cultural space and tourist attraction. Vendors from all over the globe flock to showcase their wares. Some of the most striking ones, however, were Korean homegrown.

On display were tractors of all types, from hand tractors to driverless ones to tractor simulators for agricultural schools. There were climate-controlled hydroponic setups and drones that sprayed pesticide, as well as other machines that seemed to come out of a futuristic movie.

And in all of those high-tech farm implements, there were machines built to suit for the small farms, too.


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