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Pena: Chicken manure as fertilizer

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RECENTLY, the mayor and residents of La Trinidad, Benguet went to court to ask for an environmental protection order against chicken manure dealers. The warehouses where the traders store their chicken dung produce unpleasant smell. Benguet, as we all know, is a vegetable growing province and chicken manure is used by vegetable gardeners as organic fertilizers.

As a Grade 5 kid who has a subject in gardening many years back, I already knew that chicken manure is used as fertilizer. I searched the internet for a scientific study to prove this and I found one. It was a research done in the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)-Buguias Seedfarm and BPI-Baguio experimental farm from December 2013 to March 2016. Its objective was to evaluate the effects of organic fertilizers and mulching materials on selected highland vegetables.

The research, authored by Divina Jose entitled Evaluation Of Organic Fertilizers On Selected Highland Vegetables, concludes that the application of chicken manure is recommended for lettuce, broccoli and carrot for enhancing heaviest weight of produce resulting in highest yield and highest return-on-investment.


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