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Primestocks Chemical Corporation (PCC)

Formerly Primestocks Company, was established in July 2007 to distribute agro-chemical products in Mindoro, Philippines. Primestocks was working together with local companies to create a reliable distribution network in the said region. Since then, it has been a small player in the industry as a distributor of all LEADS Agri products such as pesticides & fertilizers.

It was only in 2015 that Primestocks Company started to expand its operations and began distributing agrichemical products to more areas of Luzon and some in Visayas and Mindanao. It was also the year when the company released its own branded pesticide products and started linking foreign principals to local players aiming to bridge new technologies to help improve agricultural yields.

And by 2016, the company was then incorporated and was renamed Primestocks Chemical Corporation (PCC). To date, PCC has already 16 generic pesticide products and 3 inorganic fertilizers. It continues to expand its product portfolio by coordinating with foreign suppliers aspiring to bring specialty products to the market. In addition, PCC already has established its own repacking plant in Meycauayan, Bulacan and intends to be in full operation in the near future.


Brand Name

Active Ingredient

Weedbuster 48 SLGlyphosate
Lupin 720 SCChlorothalonil
Box Out 2.5 ECLambda-cyhalothrin
Mighty M 40 SPMethomyl
Chun-UP 70 WPNiclosamide
Slay 50 SPCartap hydrochloride
Deathbug 5 ECCypermethrin
Primestocks Diuron 80 WPDiuron
Prime Malathion 57 ECMalathion
GalileoTetraconazole + Carbendazim
Cyclops 80 SCDiuron
Fusion ZCThiamethoxam+Lambdacyhalothrin
Punisher 40 SLAcephate
Hitman 150 SLGlufosinate Ammonium
Calypso 400 EC24D IBE
Apocalypse 10 SCBispyribac sodium


Brand Name


Marvel15-15-30+ TE
Prime Complete20-20-20+TE
Prime MNF15-5-20+TE

Joined Crop Protection Association of the Philippines on September 2018