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Strengthening and mentoring agriculture

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Agri is indeed a game changer! This was proven true during our recently concluded ASEAN Agriculture Summit held last Monday, Oct. 1 at the SMX Convention Center Manila. The potential of agriculture, not just in our country but across ASEAN, has been highlighted with great prominence and we have seen and heard it through the different points raised by our speakers and panelists.

More than 1,500 participants learned from our whole day summit which featured areas of concern in agriculture. More than half of our speakers were from the different countries in ASEAN and beyond.

We were glad to have our Agriculture Secretary Manny Piol who specifically flew in from abroad and landed just hours before his talk. In his talk, Piol answered concerns on rice importation and other issues. He said, there is no problem with the supply, but our problem in this country is the fact that we are an archipelagic country wherein our problem is not the lack of food, but the very poor food positioning and this is where would like to institute fundamental and institutional reforms.


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