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Circulating knowledge, technologies thru KP development

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AS THE world joins the information society, the knowledge economy has become a new investment for organizations. Benguet State University (BSU), as a century old academic institution known for agricultural technologies and knowledge innovations, has endeavored in knowledge product (KP) development through the Office of Extension Services (OES).

It is remembered that during its centennial celebration, BSU boasted its 100 technologies titled R & D Harvest. These are the technologies and products within the 100 years of work. However, there are still many knowledge and technologies that are still wanting to be documented for popularization and utilization.

And in the context of BSUs experience of fast turn-over of human resources, there is the recognition that for the need to capture the knowledge of retiring and about to retire staff. As knowledge holders of the university’s successful technologies, gained through research and experiments, the value addition gained in the process cannot be overlooked. Through, KP development, this wealth of knowledge and know-how is transferred from experts to novices.


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