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Diversified Agrochemicals Trading Corp.

Diversified Agrochemicals Trading CorporationEstablished in 1990, Diversified Agrochemicals Trading Corporation is a premiere fumigation and integrated pest management company. DATC is also an importer, wholesaler and distributor of fumigants, pesticides, pest control and safety equipment. We also specialize in technical training and consultancy related to fumigation, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and safety.

Our MISSION defines WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT… We aspire to provide TOTAL PEST MANAGEMENT for a BETTER TOMORROW… We live and breathe for QUALITY, SAFETY, EXPERTISE, and INTEGRITY at work and beyond.
Our VISION transcends us to greater heights and LONGEVITY… We provide an environment inspired by growth for our PEOPLE. We offer safety and quality products to our CUSTOMERS, and we create long and harmonious partnerships with our SUPPLIERS.


Address:G/F Diversified Hub #191 J.P. Rizal Street, Project 4, Quezon City, 1109
Telephone Numbers:(02) 8913-9007 ; (02) 8913-9007 ; (02) 8995-0138
Fax:(02) 8421-2105
E-mail Address:[email protected]
Registration Numbers:B.I.R.–VAT TIN# 226-556-954-000 B.I.R. 2303 3RC0000216325 S.E.C. CS200316391
Contact Persons:Jan Paul Kevin C. Tecson
Irene Joyce Y. Tecson

Company Management Profile

1. Owners

a. President : Bailey B. Yu
b. Vice-President : Erlinda R. Yu
c. Treasurer : Bea Angeli Y. Lanaria
d. Corporate Secretary : Irene Joyce Y. Tecson
e. Director : Bailey R. Yu, Jr.

2. Officers/Organizational Set-up

a. President : Bailey B. Yu
b. Vice-President : Erlinda R. Yu
c. VP-Admin/HR : Bea Angeli Y. Lanaria
d. VP-Marketing : Irene Joyce Y. Tecson
e. VP-Sales : Jan Paul Kevin C. Tecson
f. VP-Business Development : Arnold P. Lanaria
g. VP-Operations : Bailey R. Yu, Jr.
h. AVP-Operations : Cherryl Melanie L. Yu
i. Admin Associate I : Justine E. Pascual
j. Admin Associate II : Veronica P. Maximo
k. Admin Associate III : Jhoana Marie M. Baui
l. Accounting Associate : Ma. Concepcion R. Caritos
m. Sales Executive : CJ V. Gardose
n. Sales Executive : Ryan A. Wong
o. Sales Executive : Pocholo N. Biteng
p. I. T. Associate : Jerrico U. Capoquian
q. Logistics Officers

  • Christopher B. Lapating
  • Rexcel D. Refil
  • Edmon R. Refil
  • Hector C. Guela

Nature of Business

Importer/Wholesaler/Distributor of Fumigants, Pesticides, Pest Control & Safety Equipment

1. Importer & Distributor of Detia Degesch GmbH FUMIGANTS, Germany

a. Phostoxin R.T. 333 (56% Aluminum Phosphide)
b. Magtoxin R.T. 300 (66% Magnesium Phosphide)
c. Detia Gas Ex-T 333 (57% Aluminum Phosphide)
d. Detia Gas Ex-B – Bags/Chains/Blankets (57% Aluminum
e. Degesch Plates (56% Magnesium Phosphide)
f. Automatic Dispenser for Tablets

2. Importer & Distributor of H. D. Hudson Asia Ltd., USA

a. Sprayers

i. poly-ethylene plastic (2 liter capacity)
ii. stainless steel (6, 8 & 10 liter capacity)

b. X-pert Sprayer (3 gallon capacity)

3. Importer & Distributor of Clarke International LLC, Brazil

a. Guarany Ultra Low Volume Nebulizer (4-liter capacity)
b. Guarany Knapsack Power Nebulizer (6-liter capacity)
c. Guarany Ultra Low Volume (18-liter capacity)
d. ULV Mini Aerosol Cold Generator (30-liter capacity)

4. Importer/Distributor of Bird-X, Inc., USA

a. Bird Stop – Repellant
b. Bird-X Peller Pro – Sonic Bird Control
c. Stainless Steel Spikes, 100 feet kit (regular)
d. Stainless Steel Spikes, 100 feet kit (extra wide)
e. Stainless Steel Spikes, 100 feet kit (slim)

5. Importer & Distributor of Airofog Machinery, China

a. Airofog AR35E Fogging Machine (stainless) – German technology,
made in China
b. Airofog CS-10 Compression Sprayer (8.5-liter capacity)
c. Airofog CS-14 Compression Sprayer (10-liter capacity)

6. Authorized Distributor & Dealer of Insecticides, Termiticides,Rodenticides, Pest Control & Safety Equipment


i. BH-90 Single Gas Leak Detector, PH3
ii. Gastec GV-110S Gas Sampling Pump
iii. Gastec 7H Phosphine Detector Tube High Range
iv. Gastec 7LA Phosphine Detector Tube Low Range
v. Sumo Pro-Mister Sprayer (1.5-liter capacity)
vi. Verde Pirimiphos 25 EC
vii. viruX Chlorine (NaDCC) Disinfectant Tablets
viii. Xterm Termite Baiting System


Crawling and Flying Insects

i. Beat 2.5 WP (stored products pests/crawling and flying
ii. Deltamoq 2.5 EC
iii. Leadfog
iv. Pablanco 2.5 EC
v. Pesguard Alpha
vi. Rapture 10 EC
vii. Vectron 20 EW


i. Fly Shot 0.5 GB
ii. Muscacide 10 EC (IGR)
iii. Insect Light Traps – outdoor and indoor


i. Leadsol
ii. Clean Oxide Sanisitation Gel

Mosquito Larvae

i. Larvicon 10 EC (IGR)


i. Yasomin
ii. Rodent Bait Station and Glue Trap – indoor and outdoor


i. Pablanco 2.5 EC

Weed Killer

i. Mower

Wood Protectant / Preservative

i. Woodtec 2.5 EC
ii. Leadrite

Cimex Eradicator – The All-Natural, Ultimate Bedbug Eradicator

Oda-Rid OD8 Fan – Bacteria Control Unit


i. MSA Full Face Gas Mask
ii. 90 AB Gas Canister/Respiratory Filter
iii. Altair-Pro Leak Detector, PH3
iv. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

d. Activo 2.5 SC (stored products pests/crawling and flying insects), Cyperpro, P.E. Plastic Sheet, Half Mask and Cartridge, Storm WBB and Secure, Cage Trap, Cat Cage, Sumo Cage Trap, Glue Trap, Rat Glue, Packaging Tape, ETC…